Key Performance Indicators and cooperation among eInfrastructure projects

We have just launched the grant preparation phase for the first big set of eInfrastructure projects under Horizon 2020 and we have written to the project coordinators to underline the issues they have take into consideration when preparing their technical annexes.

All the issues raised in the letters are consistent with our legal framework, but there are two that I consider really relevant in our current context: Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs) and cooperation across projects.

We have reminded project coordinators about the requirement to monitor the performance of their projects and gather relevant data to help in assessing their impact. To this end, the consortia are asked to establish the most relevant KPIs and monitor them during the project’s duration. These KPIs will be reported periodically to the us.

In addition, we have asked the projects to actively participate in concertation activities, consultations and other meetings and events related to e-infrastructure. The objective is to optimise synergies between projects by providing input and receiving feedback from other stakeholders. This activity should also be described in the technical annex.

In this context, we will group the e-infrastructure projects that successfully complete the grant preparation phase into clusters of related projects. I will post here information on the cluster relevant to all projects at the finalisation of the grant preparatory phase. We expect that project clusters proactively prepare a common presentation for the first concertation meeting we plan to organise in November 2015.

Key Performance Indicators and cooperation among eInfrastructure projects